Monday, 19 August 2013

Reflection for week 3

Last week Friday I learnt how to find the circumference in a circle and find the value in pi and at first I didn't have a clue about finding the circumference of a circle. But then I asked the teacher  how to do it and she said that when there is a line reaches  the center then that is radius and the formula for radius is 3.14(pi)x2xR, and if the line reaches the end of the circle then it is called a diameter and the formula for diameter is 3.14(pi)xD then you will get the answer.I also learnt about Maintenance which is kind of easy for me but except for the divided byes those are kind of hard for me but multiplications are kind of easy.I also learnt about persuasive writing where we have an issue we were given but we had to disagree or agree and in one of the persuasive writing I agreed that School should start at 9 pm and finish at 4 pm and we had to get in a group and the people that agreed goes in one group and the people that disagreed in the other group.Mrs Tofa gave us this other persuasive writing to do and it was ‘Kids should start working from the age of 8’ and I disagreed and I had seven reasons why and you had to persuade someone to agree with what you are writing about.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Persuasive Writing

Issue-Children should work from the age of 8.

(1.) I disagree that kids should work from the age of 8 because kids are still too young to work and we won’t know what to do plus we need a proper education.

(2.) Kids should not work because we need our sleep and we will have to wake up early. Parents will get tired of waking up and dropping you off because you can’t drive yourself to work. Kids are still too young to drive at 8 years old.

(3.) Some kids might not be brainy enough and they would be forced to get a job and what if they get a complicated job and they won’t know what to do. They could get fired from lots of jobs and the reason they will get fired from a lot of jobs is because they didn’t go to school and have a good education.

(4.) Kids might have other things to do and it might be very important but they can’t go to it because they are stuck working. It might be their own birthday but they have to work on their birthday or it might be a cousins birthday but they will still be working.

(5.) Kids should not work because they might work far and they might work late at night and what if your parents were tired and slept in. Who would let a 8 year old walk home at night? They could get snatched by someone or killed and no one will know who took the child.

(6.) If children did have to work they will be too busy to spend time with their family because they will be busy doing school things and be studying the work rules and they could even miss the family vacation with their family because they will be too busy on school and on their job and trying not to get fired.

(7.) Children should not work because who would let a 8 year old with that much money because they could go buying things they like instead of buying things they really need. There goes the money. All gone or given to someone else and wasted.

(I defend my reasons because children are still too young to be working)