Wednesday, 29 April 2015

MADD Workshop

Today we went to MADD Workshop in Room 11.Today our session was about our personality.personality. Petia drew some shapes on the black canvas.He drew a triangle, bacon (It is actually called a squiggle), rectangle, square and circle.We had to pick out of those shapes and then go sit down with the other people that chose that shape.I chose triangle and there was only 5 of us.

One of us had to get up and receive a paper from Petia and Mafoa was the one that got up and got the paper.The personality of triangles is that they are the leader and we are confident.I can’t write about the other shapes because I forgot what their shapes mean.

After all of that Petia started drawing Batman but he drew the old batman suit (which is blue and the new one is black).While Petia was drawing Batman, Keti and I was having a staring contest and I won.After a while Petia finished and then we took a photo of it.Then we went back to class.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Brief Introduction

I can't post anything about my Term 1 research because Keti and I are making a movie about our research.I actually don;t want to be in it but we don;t know if our camera man wants to record anymore.I really enjoy recording but I actually don't want to show my part to the school.I can't tell you about the movie because you will have to wait and see.

Respect Poster

Yesterday Glenbrae School was asked to design a poster.I didn't really want to make it all fancy so I just wrote it without any colour.So this is my plain poster and I actually like it plain.

World War 2

World War 2

Yesterday Room 10 was watching a video about World War 1 but I didn't watch it because me and Aaarmione was in the library.Today we were watching a video about World War 2 and I found out the the war was between Japan and Britain (I think).It was sad because some families were waiting for their families to come home but sometimes they don’t come home.Japan would drop bombs on Britain and many people died.Sorry I didn't listen to most of it because I was trying to finish my work.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Current News

In Canada there was a 6 year old who died because a older boy had beaten him to death.He suffered three brain trauma's and 4 types of fractured area's in his brain.It also reads that the 10 year old boy who killed the 6 year old also was unstable.By that I mean he was mentally unstable and he had a dog who was pregnant but he killed his dog and the unborn puppies.I feel that the 6 year old boy did not deserve to die and plus his life was never meant for anyone to take it away.Rest in peace and I know your family is hurting but you are in a better place.


Last week Friday my mum, my sister and I went to the movies cinema to watch the new movie Cinderella.It is like the others except Cinderella found the prince in the woods.She was actually the reason why they made everyone invited to the ball.She wanted to go but her stepmother wouldn't allow her to go because she was wearing a old pink dress which was her mothers.Her stepmother and stepsisters ripped it apart and then the stepmother forbade her to go to the ball.She ran off crying and then she met her Fairy God Mother and she made a golden carriage made out of a pumpkin.She then turned her mothers dress into a blue poofy dress with butterflies on them.But when she put one foot up her Fairy God Mother saw her shoes and then changed it to glass slippers with two butterflies on them and they were also made of glass.So she went to the ball and she was the last one to arrive.The prince was so happy to see her because Cinderella was the one he was waiting for.They danced the night away and then they went to a secret garden and the prince says he has never showed everyone that garden.The Prince was swinging her on the swing and then one of her glass slippers came off and then the Prince put it back on.Then the first stroke of middle went off and then she ran out of the garden and so the Prince ran after her.She got away but as the cartoon she dropped her glass slipper and then he vowed that he would find her.They went out with the glass slipper and every girl tried it on except for one house which was Cinderella's house.The stepmother found the glass slipper and then she locked Cinderella in the attic.Cinderella started crying but then she started singing a song that her mother used to sing to her when she was little.Next the step sisters tried on the slippers and they it didn't fit.Everyone heard Cinderella singing but the guy that was encharge said no but what he didn't know was that the Prince dressed himself as a guard.So then he said every maiden has to try on the glass slipper so then they let Cinderella try on the slipper and it fit.After that they went back to his castle and they got married and lived happily ever after.I am sorry I skipped out on a massive part of this movie so I guess you will have to watch it to see what I mean.

The Deal

I made a deal with my mum and it was if I get all my grades up then I get to go to the college I want to go to.That college is AGGS and at first I had to have a reason but I didn't have a reason so my mum said no.After awhile I started thinking about why I want to go to AGGS. My reason was because boys are a distraction to me and I really want to go some where new some where I've never heard about until Aarmione told me about it (Thanks Aarmione).When I finished this big speech about why I want to go there my mum and dad said that they would think about it.When they did they told me that if they do let me go to that school I have to get my grades up and I have to be focused on school.I actually want to be like Aarmione because she likes to read a lot and she writes really good recounts.I also have practice everything about maths and that means I want to read maths books and I want to work out maths at home.I also want to practice my times table and learn them so I can get better at maths.So from here on out I vow never to touch the television until I get my grades up.Plus I vow to be quiet in class and focus on my work and I will try to be more confident.

Maths 4

I have finished a 4th session doing maths in Math Magician and this time I was doing division and it was actually quite easy because usually I struggle on division.Here is my result.

Last Homework Activity

So this is my last post for my homework spread sheet.I finished it all in 1 day and I know I am not supposed to do that but I did it anyways because I have nothing better to do.I will still be blogging because I made a promise to my mum that I would do better at school.I will tell you the reason on my next blog post which will be in 2 minutes.Mrs Tofa I am sorry I cheated and did the homework sheet in 1 day so I will do extra blogging.

Maths 3

I did a third session on Maths Magician and I 100% again and I was doing mixed mathematics number 2.

Online Reading Log

Monday 6th April
Ella and Olivia The New Girl-It is the first day of the school term, and there is a new girl in Ella’s class.The new girl doesn't seem to like anything especially Ella.The new girl started to bully Ella but Ella didn't mind but then she bullied Ella’s little sister.Ella didn't like that one bit so she walked up to the new girl and shouted at her to leave her little sister alone.The new girl ran away crying and Ella felt a little bit bad.Ella’s teacher asked her to go and make up with the new girl.Ella apologized and then the new girl told her how she felt and then they became very good friends.

Tuesday 7th April
Diary of a Wimpy Kid-This book is about a boy named Gregory and he is in Middle School (Intermediate).His family got a new dog and he is starting to get annoyed with it.The dog keeps waking him up early in the weekends.Gregory got so sick of it he told the dog he wishes it will go away and the dog did exactly what he said.They went looking everywhere for the dog and Gregory started to feel bad so then he ran to look for the dog.He found the dog walking around on the streets and then he apologized to the dog and they made up so they went home and had dinner.

Wednesday 8th April
Bile-This story was about a farm boy and he had to receive a spirit animal.He was so nervous and thought he wouldn't be able to because they Prince of Zhang couldn't receive one.But it worked he did it he was the only one in his entire family that got one.His task was to bond with the spirit animal.But the weird thing was they had already bond.So then they would go on dangerous missions with other kids that were able to receive a spirit animal.

Thursday 9th April
Green Haven-This story was a continue of the book Bile.But this one was when they were on a mission.The leader that took them was called Finn.While they were on their mission they were ambushed by the enemy.Some of them made it to the green cloak castle where they were safe.Three were left behind so then they attacked the enemy and they won.To Be Continued.

Friday 10th April

Letter-This one was when Finn sent a letter to the Green Cloak to check if the kids got there safely.They wrote back and said they were alright and they have made it there.Soon after that the rest of the group made it there and they have retrieved what they were after.It was a madalian and they got it when they defeated the enermy.

Maths 2

I did another maths session on Maths Magician.Like before I got 100% and this a picture to prove it.

My Exciting Day

On the 9th of April 2015 I woke up at 4:30 because my grandparents were leaving to travel back to Rarotonga. I was trying to wake myself up but when I woke up my grandparents were watching Tom and Jerry.Seeing my grandparents watching cartoons was really surprising because they don't like watching cartoons, the only time they would watch it is if we are there with them.But they seemed relaxed but they woke up way before it was time for them to wake up.They even woke up way before my parents and that's funny because my parents always wakes up early.

My parents finally woke up and then my mum went to wake my sister up because my sister wanted to go with them.So I said goodbye to my grandparents and then they left so then I put on the television.I was watching Sponge bob Square pants but then I started feeling sleepy so then I fell asleep.I actually woke up at 8:30 and then my brother said that we have to clean up the living room and then we have to get ready to go.So I had to vacuum while my brother straightens everything up and I hate the sound of a vacuum.After that I went for my shower and then I got dressed to go.When my parents got back we left.

Everybody in my family was going including my older brothers girlfriend Sydney.The only people that was cutting their hair was Clayton, Trent and me.Me and Trent went to a hair dresser and my brother Clayton went to a different barber.I went first to cut my hair and I asked the lady if she could please thin out my hair and and then cut it up to my shoulders.It took her 30 minutes to thin out my hair because I have a lot of hair and I mean a lot.When she finished thinning out my hair she went on to cutting it up to my shoulders.It took her about another 30 minutes to cut my hair so basically it took her 1 hour to do my hair.I loved the way my hair looks and when she finished I thanked her and it was Trent's turn.His hair only took 20 minutes to do and then we all walked down to where Clayton was cutting his hair.Clayton was done when we got there so we drove to Macdonalds which was in Lunn Ave.After we finished eating we were going to drive to Rebel Sports in Botany.

When we got there we went to go look at the clothes for me.I was going to get this Adidas jumper but then I got these pink Nike shoes and I actually like it.So I had a fun day and we are going to Rebel Sports next week to get me something again and I am so excited to start school again.
These are some pictures of my new shoes.

Maths 1

Today I did some basic facts on Math Magician and I got 100% correct and I did on my 9 times tables.

Easter Friday

On Easter Friday my family and I were getting ready to go to the Easter Show.But before we went we had breakfast which made we tired.While my parents and grandparents were finishing there breakfast I went in the living room and lied down and had a quick nap.When my parents were done we left and my grandparents couldn't come because they had things to do.The drive was so long and it was getting annoying because my brother and sister kept fighting.

The entrance to the Easter Show smelled so bad I nearly vomited because there were horses there and they kept pooping which is gross.While we were walking around we saw a lot of interesting things but there wasn't much things to do there.The rides were not as cool as the rides from last year so we just started playing the games.I won a Bart Simpsons doll and a pink bear which is so cool and Bart is a big doll and the pink bear is holding a heart.

My family and I walked to this area where we can watch shows and stuff and they were performing Alice in Wonderland.No offense but the show was boring until these lumber jacks came but the weird thing was, there was a lady and she was a lumber jack.She was actually quite strong because they were having a race to see who can chop this massive piece of wood in half.They also had a little wager and the wage was if the boy wins that lady has to go on a date with him (I don't know their names) and if the the lady wins then he has to walk around in a bikini.The girl won so he had to walk around in a bikini and he was happy with it so then she agreed to go on a date with him.

We were all getting tired so we got up and walked to the entrance.On our way to the entrance we saw our cousins and my two aunties.We said hello and then we left to go to our car.My sister, my mum and me sat on the chair while my dad and brother went to grab the chair.I was happy that we were going home so I fell asleep in the car.My family is so sad they drove to MacDonald and ate and they left me in the car to sleep and they didn't even buy me something not even a drink.But I had a fun day besides the fact that I was hungry.  

Monday, 6 April 2015

My Morning

Today my family and I went to walk around the basin for some morning exercise.We left home at 7:30 in the morning so I went for a shower so I don't smell.I was excited but I was angry because my brother wouldn't lend me one of his  SD cards so I can listen to music while I walk.But he said no because he said there is bad music on all of the SD cards.After he said that I was wondering why even have bad music on them in the first place.While we were walking to the car my mum said that she would buy me a new phone with a new SD  card.While we were driving to the basin I was enjoying the morning breeze before I it got hot while we were walking.When we got there we stretched first and then me and Trent started jogging a head of my mum and Maara.Trent and I had to keep stopping because Trent kept getting tired fast so then I decided to walk because Trent keeps stopping.After a while Trent started jogging but I didn't want to jog with him because I thought he was going to stop but he didn't. I really did have fun walking and thinking about what I am writing right now.So it was fun getting out and thinking but when we got to the I was sweating because of the sun and because I was jogging.That is how my morning went and soon I am going to write about what happened after we finished jogging.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Pt England Beach

2 weeks ago (I think it was 2 or 1) Glenbrae School seniors walked to Pt England Reserve so we can welcome the waka’s to New Zealand.The walk didn't take long because its just 2 minutes away from Pt England School.When we got to Pt England reserve the grass was wet and no one bought something for us to sit on.We sat there for a while because we were waiting for this small boat to bring the people from off the waka.

While they were coming we had to sing the song E oho and do the dance to it.What we didn't know was that we had to repeat it a lot of times and even the leaders didn't know.We did that a lot but it was so hot and the sun was burning me.

We were sitting down a lot and standing but it was fun.But some of the songs went slower than we thought.There was a lot of speeches and lots of songs.It was funny to because on that day we got a new student.After that we got to go and high five the people that came from Hawaii.I even got to meet some of my old friends that was there.But it took us forever to get to go and high five the people from Hawaii.

When that finished we went for a drink and I was chosen to stay behind and learn something from Hawaii.We went late because we were walking back and forth from Pt England and Pt England reserve.But we eventually got to the right place and we only got to listen for 5 minute.We did get to eat and we ate a Hangi which was nice.So I had fun that day and it was really hot and so was the food but still fun.

Kiwi Can Reflections

Last week Thursday we went to Kiwi Can after morning-tea. Everyone tried their very best to be on our best behaviour because if we earned the most points we will get a prize.So we walked in the room and quietly sat down.

First of all we did an energiser but I forgot what we did so I am going to just skip the story about the energiser.After the energiser we went onto our activity.The aim of this activity was to act out a skit and you have to be nice to a friend.In our group there was Tauola, Keti, Alisi and Jayden .Our skit was about, Tauola broke her arm and we were helping her out because she broke her arm.I embarrassed myself because I kept laughing and it wasn't even funny.

Term 1 Reflection

This term Glenbrae has been having a lot of good things happen, bad things, and ugly things happen (Thanks to Mrs Tofa for the quote).We did a lot of things like some of Glenbrae Schools students went to watch the Cricket World Cup.We had a lot of fun, there because we were watching South Africa vs Pakistan. We had signs that spelt South Africa and we weren't meant to buy things there but we did. We had a lot of fun at Eden Park, when we were in the bus, driving back to school mostly everyone fell asleep.

We also had a Cricket tournament this term and I was in the team. To be honest, I was scared when we were batting because when we practice at school I am terrible at play. But when it was my turn to bat I actually hit the ball because usually I would miss. I had a lot of fun at the tournament and we also came first too. Everyone was happy that we came first even me, but we were tired and I were in pain.

The whole school has been getting taught about how to play touch.I really loved to play but it was too hot and I don’t want to get any darker than what I am.The second to last session was really fun because we played a game and in that game we had to try and get the other teams ball and throw it to your teams side without getting tagged.I was in the blue team and the other team was pink.We actually turned that game into real life because I was guarding the prison (If you get tagged you have to go to prison and to get out you have to get a high 10 from someone in your team).Erina, Dallas, Lennyx and Baden was guarding the ball and they were going serious (actually our whole class was going serious).Spoiler alert The blue team won and we were cheering but it was way too hot to stand in the sun and cheer.So we sat under the tree and drank out milk.

One bad thing about our term is that some of the Room 10 boys punched numerous holes in the boys toilet.Seeing lots of holes together is actually really gross but that is sad that they did that.So as you might know that is the ugly thing about our year.

We had a lot of test this term and it was kind of different because we did some of them online which is cool but kind of annoying because I like to read it and then write it down.It was so intense but the tests actually made me think which is good because sometimes I seem to be lost.

The day before parents interview I had to set my goals and it was fun setting my goals.But when parents interview came I didn't go because I fell asleep at home.I told myself that I would have a nap but I shouldn't of had a nap because my naps are usually 2-3 hours.My mum got angry at me because my mum and my little brother was trying to wake me up for 30 minutes.

On Fridays the year 7s and 8s of Glenbrae walk to Tamaki College because we have technology.The year 8s have technology with Mr Grundy and this would have to be the second time we are with him.Last time were with him we were creating pewter necklace and so this time we are doing wood technology.I am making a house so when I am holding out on my family with lollies and other things then I can put it in the house.I started out really good but then I broke a part of my wood that I wasn't supposed to but then Mr Grundy fixed it.I love going to technology because I love to learn new things such as wood work, pewter technology and computer technology.

I had a really this term and I hope I have fun the rest of the year until I get to college next year.   


Yesterday triangles had maths with Mrs Tofa so we did this question. Piri, Maia  and Ollie are planning to make pikelets for afternoon tea.The recipe need 3/4 cup of milk to make batch of 25 pikelets. How many cups of milk will they need to make 100 pikelets?

My answer is 3/4 of milk is already been used to make 25 pikelets so then you need to make 75 more.To make 75 pikelets you need 3 cups of milk so the answer to the question is 3 wholes.

They discover that they have 5 1/2 cups of milk.How many batches of pikelets will they be able to make?

Strategy 1-I know that 3 cups of milk can make 100 pikelets and if you add 2 cups of milk then that will make 150 pikelets (I think).
Strategy 2-I got 150 pikelets because 3 cups of milk only make 100 pikelets and to make 25 you need 3/4 of a cup of milk and so if you add another 3/4 of milk you will get another 25 so id you add it all together then you will have 150 pikelets.


Today we were asked to research about Dinosaurs.The Dinosaur I researched and learnt a lot about was a Stegosaurus Dinosaur.If you are wondering what a Stegosaurus it is that type of dinosaur with the spikes on its back.Some of the Stegosaurus lived in the century of 150-155 which was a very very long time ago.They became extinct 145 million years ago but it didn't say precisely what year it became extinct.Stegosaurus were herbivore, meaning it ate plants instead of meat.The Stegosaurus is the most famous dinosaur from a group of dinosaurs known as Stegosauria. They were all herbivores (plant eaters) and featured rows of unique bones that developed into plates and spines along their back and tail.We were asked to to research if there was a dinosaur that was similar to a Stegosaurus.I visited many websites but it does not say anything about the name for the other dinosaur that is similar to a Stegosaurus.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

MADD Diary

Today the 1st of April 2015 Glenbrae School year 7s and 8s went to the MADD workshop.Caroline or Leah was not there because they were at another session at another school so Petia was the only one that was there. Petia said that Caroline sends her apology for not being there.

We started by talking about how everybody has some kind of talent whether it was being good at something.something. Petia showed us these laminated papers with quotes on them.One of the quotes I really like was “It is okay to make Mistakes”.Another quote is “10,000 hours” and that means people practice 10,000 hours.

Everybody has skills and talent, talent is when you are born with it and skills it what you practice everyday of your life (not literally).While Petia was reading out the quotes he asked if Fusi can stand up and talk about what her skills are. Fusi is good at playing the piano, ukulele and a guitar so she is very skilled and talented.

The group was split up into 4 groups to perform a skit or a drama.The group I was in was gone to because they went to grab a ukulele for our play.We went up second and in that skit me, Keti, Mata and Kyana was judging Fusi.Fusi had to play terribly and we told her to come back next year.The next year she came she sounded awesome and so then we said yes.Skills+Talent=Awesomeness