Thursday, 30 July 2015

Safe Kids-Poisoning

As everyone knows a parent’s very important priority is to keep their child or children safe and secure and help them live to their full potential. Knowing how to prevent child injury, like poisoning, is a step towards this goal that every parent has.

Every day, over 300 children in the United States of America from ages 0-19 are treated in the emergency department, and two children die as a result to poison. It’s not just the cleaning chemicals that is killing infants and older children that is dangerous to children.

Active, curious children will often investigate and sometimes try to eat or drink anything they can get into such as household chemicals and medicines.

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By Manuae and Melenaite


This morning Room 10 went outside to do some fitness.Before we start running we had to warm up around the circle.The first person to go in the middle to show us some warm ups was James.He only did 2 warm ups and then he tried to make us do push ups but it was wet so we only did one then he left the circle.The Next person that went into the circle was Samuel and he was doing leg stretches.Mrs Tofa then told us to do 5 star jumps but then it was funny because she kept going to 10 star jumps.After that we had to go 3 times around the senior classes.We only went around once because some one slipped so our course went all around the school.I had fun while we were doing fitness because it is good to have some sort of fitness