Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dream Come True

There once once was a girl named Danny and she just finished University and she had a dream that she would like to become a Lawyer and her dream came true.Danny was driving down to the lawyer office to begin her first case.Her case was about a little girl trying to sue another girl for always bullying her all the time.

Danny was so happy that she got her first case ever so she went into her new office to study the case.She took all day and all night to study and when she got back to the office she was so excited that she was going to do the case.After that she was called to court to do her case.

She was defending her case and she was so so happy because her story was convincing enough to win her first case.After recess she got called back into the court and she told the other half of the story.After a while the judge sent them out and he was deciding and he told them to come in and Danny won her first case and she went out to celebrate.