Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Facts about the Weta

Here is a link if you want to find information about the Weta.
  • Weta is a common name for 70 species in the families anostostomatidae and rhaphidophoridae.
  • The English word (Weta) is borrowed from the Maori language.
  • The Maori-derived plural Weta occurs in New Zealand.
  • While the anglicized plural wetas is generally used elsewhere.
  • Many weta’s are very large compared to some insects.
  • Many Weta are large by insect standards and some species are among the largest and heaviest in the world able to fly.
  • Some weta’s are wingless and they are different from other weta’s.
  • They are nocturnal, and all New Zealand species are flightless and some wetas are wingless too.
  • Different weta’s have different diets (Food type).
  • Weta’s can bite with powerful mandibles.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Kakapo

  • The Kakapo use their short wings for balance and support rather than flapping.
  • Their feathers are much softer than any other birds because they do not need to be strong and stiff enough to support flight.
  • Even though they can’t fly they manage to get around.
  • The Kakapo has strong legs which make them good hiking and climbing legs.
  • On the ground they move around jog-like gait.

Facts About the Kiwi

1.The kiwi is a curious bird it cannot fly.
2.The kiwi has loose hair like feathers.
3.The kiwi has strong legs and no tail.
4.They are most commonly forest dwellers.
5.They like making day time dens.
6.They also like making nest in burrows.
7.Kiwi are the only birds to have their nostrils at the end of the very long bill.
8.They use their bill to probe in the ground of the forest.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Digital Technologies

Here is the third vision board we did at technology.This vision board is about a healthy lunch.I hope you guys enjoy.


This is another vision board we did and this time I had to do an unhealthy breakfast and I hope yous enjoy this one.

Digital Technologies

Last Friday we went to Technology and we were learning about Healthy Food choices.We had to do a healthy vision board and an unhealthy vision board.The first vision board I am going to show you is a healthy breakfast.