Friday, 28 September 2012


  • Pharaoh Cleopatra was the most beautiful Pharaoh.
  • Everyone remembers her for her beauty.
  • She was buried in a pyramid which was made from pure gold.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Going Bowling

In the holiday me and my family was getting ready to go Bowling in Panmure.We were really really excited to go bowling. My brother and my young uncle was the first one to be dropped off.

They were supposed to get dropped off at the train station but it was really raining really hard so they got dropped off all the way. They took for ages while we were waiting. We were watching t.v when we heard the car pull up in the driveway.

We quickly turned off everything and ran into the car.We were only in the car for 2 minutes and we were there. We were driving around looking for a parking.

When we were near the front door my mum told us to go inside.Not long later my mum found a parking and came inside. My mum walked to the counter and paid for the bowling and we got our shoes.

My size at bowling is a size 3 but I could hardly fit it because it was too big. We were in lane 11. Me,my brother and my little sister went to go get a light bowling ball.

The colour of my bowling ball was light green. My brother and sister was a dark green and light pink. My mum was the first one to have her turn.She got 8 points.

Mext was my cousin named T.j and her  ball was really heavy. She also got 8 points. I waited along time time for my turn because I was second to last.

Finally it was my turn after waiting for two minutes for my turn. I got 7 pins down on my second turn. On my second turn I got down 7 pins.

My next turn I got 26 points. I went to the game center.I was watching my little brother hit down the sharks.

I was helping by hitting down the sharks on my side. Then my older brother came to get me because it was my turn. So I ran back so I can have my turn.

My first ball I bowled for my turn got a strike. Then I got another turn but this time I got one pin down. Next was my little brother and he has got more points than me.

We finished our first game and we were on our last game of bowling. At the end my mum,my cousin and little sister won.

After that we walked to K.F.C for lunch.  

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The circus freak

Once upon a time there was a little girl and her family getting ready to go to a circus show.The girls friend was coming too because they had one more ticket.The circus show was going to be in Panmure.

While they were there they had some breakfast at Hungry Jacks.When they had finished breakfast they head to the show.On the way to the show they were talking about what they think the show would be like.When they arrived there the show just started.

Then the clown comes out and he is about to do his part but he saw lots of kids looking so excited to hear his funny jokes.He tried to do one but he couldn’t he tried and he tried and he was even sweating so much his whole body was nearly wet.

So he told all the parents and staff to go home for 1 whole hour.So the parents and the staff went home.The clown told all the kids to go in the room and they followed his instructions.

The kids went in because they thought it was one of his jokes.They waited and they waited for a very long time.They even waited for one hour and in a few minutes the parents arrived in a big shock and they were wondering where the kids were.

He lied and he said that they wanted to play hide and seek and he was still trying to find the kids.The parents said that they were going to help him find their kids and the clown said no in a nervous way.He told them to go home for half an hour and they said ok.

So they went home then the circus freak went to them and found them sleeping and he shouted”WAKE UP”.They woke up and told them to pretend that they were playing hide and seek.

But  he did not know that the little girl also had a phone incase she was lost and she can call them.When he had gone she told the other kids about the phone and she told them that she has a plan.

When he came back the girl bent down and put the phone on record and then she stood back up.Then the parents were back and they cort the clown talking about how dumb they.

The parents came up to him then the little girl turned on the voice record and then the parents called the police and then the police were on their way and the clown ran and he ran but he got caught and they never ever saw that clown again.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Writing a positive comment

We are learning to write a blog comment!Here is a picture of a comment I left on a blog.My blog comment is good because I'm cheering the person on by saying to keep trying.I like basketball too.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Soil and Flowers

  • Some flowers are pretty and some flowers are not so pretty.
  • Soil is healthy for plants to grow in.
  • Soil is feeding the plants so the plants can grow.
  • Some plants can grow food like pumpkins and grapes and other food.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Sabbath Sunday

When we arrive we  hop out, we walked  inside and sat behind my auntie and cousins.Then Bishop welcomes everyone and tells us about what’s going to happen.

Some people were holding a tray with bread on it.They started walking around to every chair and everyone had to get one piece of bread.When they finished they had to give out a little plastic cup with water in it.

After that some people started talking.When they finished talking me and my cousin walked upstairs to go to our class.We had to learn about a key stone.Then we went home and had chicken for lunch and my mum said we can watch t.v at 6:00 and we can go on my little sisters laptop.


Monday, 12 March 2012

Excellent at Freestyle

Today Room 9 was getting ready to walk to the G.I pools.First of all Ms Joyce told the swimmers to put our togs on then put our  uniform back on top of our togs.Once all the swimmers were all ready to go we lined.
When we were all lined up we started walking down to the school gates then Ms Joyce opened the gates so we could go out.
We were walking near a big big road with lots of busy cars.When we  arrived at the crossing there was no cars so the whole class crossed the road. Very soon we saw the  G.I pools.

I was so excited to see the G.I pools again.I have not been to the G.I pools for a very long time.We walked though the drive way and towards the door.

When we arrived at the door Ms Joyce asked us nicely to be quiet while we were walking though the  office.Then we walked and sat down on the the floor.Then Room 10 came out of the pool and went to get changed.

Ms Joyce told us to take off our uniform because we had our togs on under our uniform.We had to hop in the pool where our instructors said hello to us.

The instructor said that we were going to do free style. The instructor said that I was excellent at doing free styles. We saw Room 8 arrive at the pool.

We did one more activity then the instructor gave us a high five and we hoped out so Room 8 could have their  swimming time. I went and had a shower and I brought a bottle of body wash. I was ready to go then everyone was ready to go so we  started walking back to school.

I was so looking forward to having  morning tea after all the exercise.


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Welcome to Room 9

Welcome to Room 9 and i know you are going to have alot of fun with your new Netbook :)