Friday, 22 February 2013

Making Choices

LI:To use adjectives
SC:I have used adjectives to describe.
On Thursday Room 7 was walking down to the Life caravan.When we walked in Ms Jenny said that we were going to watch a movie.She left the door open for a bit then she turned down the light and we watched the movie.The movie was about how alcohol damages your body.Then we were talking about the most dangerous type of alcohol.When we finished Ms Jenny brought out Harold and we were really excited.Harold told Jenny that he was going to sing and Jenny asked us “Do you guys want Harold to sing before you go”.We all said “Yes”.So Harold had his cape on  and Jenny was looking for the song.When Jenny found the song Harold started singing his awesome song.While he was singing we were all listening.When he finished singing we all cheered and clapped.Then we said good bye to Jenny and Harold.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Visiting Harold

Today Room 7 visited the Life caravan where Harold stays.Room 7 started walking down and when we got there we stopped near the office this lady named Jenny came and walked us to the van.When we arrived there the door was open so we walked in quickly so we can all get in quickly.On our way in we had to be in groups and I was in Puwai's group.When our group went presented our part of the body, we were studying the Brain.While we were studying the Brain Kyana was putting the Brain together so it can go in the head.Aarmione was our reporter and Kyana was the Surgical person so she was the one who puts our body part that we were studying on Pat.But we were second to last to put our body part on Pat.When it was our turn we were asked some questions.After we finished with the body parts we were going to watch a video about a girl named Anna.In the movie her friends were telling her to smoke and leave her sister and smoke at the disco and Anna did a lot of bad Decision's but at the Disco she make's the right choice and say's 'No' and one of her friends still wanted to smoke so the other two friends stayed inside and danced.

Swimming Lessons With Instructors

Today Room 7 was going to the Swimming pool to practice with the Instructors.When we arrived we were all excited to get change so we can jump in the pool.When we finished getting changed we had to stand on the outside of the pool.Each Instructors called 2 people in the pool so they can tell us what group we are in.It didn’t take that long till it was me and Nikita’s turn.When I finished I was in group number 3 and Nikita was in number 2.When I heard the news I went and looked for other people who is in group 3.The Instuctors told all of us to get in the pool.When we were in the pool I was kind of cold but I was not cold at the same time.Our first task was to put our hands at the top of the board and swim halfway. We had to wait 5 seconds then we go.After we finished that we went on to freestyle but the one I struggled on was when you had to do the rocket arms on your back.I kept going under water but in the end I had lots of fun.   

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Bio Poem

I’m kind of Shy,I’m Smart at Maths,I’m kind of Creative.
I love playing Sports,I really love listening to Music,I like pretending I’m a Scientist,I’m a fan of screaming Horrors,I love going to Magic shows.I feel amazing when with friends.
I wonder if flying cars will be invited soon.I fear Large spiders,spirits,King cobra because they creep me out.I would like to travel to Paris,Brazil,Italy,Raro and America.I am able to Swim,read and run.I see my future as being a Lawyer also a Scientist.