Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The circus freak

Once upon a time there was a little girl and her family getting ready to go to a circus show.The girls friend was coming too because they had one more ticket.The circus show was going to be in Panmure.

While they were there they had some breakfast at Hungry Jacks.When they had finished breakfast they head to the show.On the way to the show they were talking about what they think the show would be like.When they arrived there the show just started.

Then the clown comes out and he is about to do his part but he saw lots of kids looking so excited to hear his funny jokes.He tried to do one but he couldn’t he tried and he tried and he was even sweating so much his whole body was nearly wet.

So he told all the parents and staff to go home for 1 whole hour.So the parents and the staff went home.The clown told all the kids to go in the room and they followed his instructions.

The kids went in because they thought it was one of his jokes.They waited and they waited for a very long time.They even waited for one hour and in a few minutes the parents arrived in a big shock and they were wondering where the kids were.

He lied and he said that they wanted to play hide and seek and he was still trying to find the kids.The parents said that they were going to help him find their kids and the clown said no in a nervous way.He told them to go home for half an hour and they said ok.

So they went home then the circus freak went to them and found them sleeping and he shouted”WAKE UP”.They woke up and told them to pretend that they were playing hide and seek.

But  he did not know that the little girl also had a phone incase she was lost and she can call them.When he had gone she told the other kids about the phone and she told them that she has a plan.

When he came back the girl bent down and put the phone on record and then she stood back up.Then the parents were back and they cort the clown talking about how dumb they.

The parents came up to him then the little girl turned on the voice record and then the parents called the police and then the police were on their way and the clown ran and he ran but he got caught and they never ever saw that clown again.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Writing a positive comment

We are learning to write a blog comment!Here is a picture of a comment I left on a blog.My blog comment is good because I'm cheering the person on by saying to keep trying.I like basketball too.