Monday, 30 March 2015

Current News

A 6 year old girl named Meika is dead after being brutally being tortured for 3 days by her Stepmother and Dad.When Meika was rushed to the hospital she was covered in bruises.Her Stepmother pleaded that she is not guilty but both the Stepmother and Father was pleaded not guilty by the judge.But when Meika's real mother (Kyla Stoneford) found out she then testified against Meika's Stepmother and Father.After she testified they went straight to jail.They were sentence to be in jail for 5 years instead for life that is so mean to a 6 year old little girl.By the way this happened in Canada.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

MADD Workshop

WALT: We are learning to write a Recount.

Today the 11th of March 2015 Years 7s and 8s of Room 10 and the Year 7s of Room 9 of Glenbrae Primary and Intermediate School went to the MADD (Music Arts Drama and Dynamic) workshop. The teachers of our school and also teachers from MADD messenger trained us.

We learnt about a lot of things but mainly about other peoples cultures like-Tonga, Samoa, Maori, Niuean and Africa. Petia and Leah asked everyone to split up into our culture groups and we had to write down some of the things we do in our culture. After that we had to stand up with our groups but there was only two Cook Islanders which was me and Mata.

The first group to go up was Africa which was only Samuel but it was fun learning about his country and the greetings of that country. Next one was the Niueans and they had a big group, Aarmione was reading what they wrote and then the three boys did a haka ( that’s how it looked for me). Next was the Samoans which was awesome because after they finished talking they performed a dance which was really cool. Me and Mata was after them and it was fun, Mata was a little shy but for once I actually wasn’t.The Tongans were next and it was fun learning about their culture.Last but not least was the Maori’s and we were learning about how they do things like the Hangi and welcoming.

I felt that going to MADD workshop was very helpful to me to be more confident because actually for the first time  I was not shy to stand up and talk to a big group. I also had fun learning new things about other cultures. It was fun as well as informative.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


The continent of Scotland
During the time period of 439-409 ma the  area which became Scotland was part of the continent of Laurentia.Across the lapetus ocean to the south, was a continent of Baltica.The two continents gradually collided, joining Scotland to the area which would become England and Europe.

The Population of Scotland
The demography of Scotland includes all aspects of population, past and present, in the area that is now Scotland.Scotland has a population of 5,295,000.Population growth rate in 2014 was estimated as 0.6% per annum according to the 2014 GROS Annual Review.

The currency of Scotland
The currency in Scotland is not different from the rest of the United Kingdom in that it is also consists of British pounds, although the Scottish banks print their own version.These "Scottish notes" are widely accepted throughout the United Kingdom, although cases have been reported of a few shops outside Scotland refusing them.

The kind of language Scotland speaks
The languages of Scotland are the languages spoken or once spoken in Scotland.The numerous languages spoken in Scotland during its record time.