Monday, 6 August 2012

Going Bowling

In the holiday me and my family was getting ready to go Bowling in Panmure.We were really really excited to go bowling. My brother and my young uncle was the first one to be dropped off.

They were supposed to get dropped off at the train station but it was really raining really hard so they got dropped off all the way. They took for ages while we were waiting. We were watching t.v when we heard the car pull up in the driveway.

We quickly turned off everything and ran into the car.We were only in the car for 2 minutes and we were there. We were driving around looking for a parking.

When we were near the front door my mum told us to go inside.Not long later my mum found a parking and came inside. My mum walked to the counter and paid for the bowling and we got our shoes.

My size at bowling is a size 3 but I could hardly fit it because it was too big. We were in lane 11. Me,my brother and my little sister went to go get a light bowling ball.

The colour of my bowling ball was light green. My brother and sister was a dark green and light pink. My mum was the first one to have her turn.She got 8 points.

Mext was my cousin named T.j and her  ball was really heavy. She also got 8 points. I waited along time time for my turn because I was second to last.

Finally it was my turn after waiting for two minutes for my turn. I got 7 pins down on my second turn. On my second turn I got down 7 pins.

My next turn I got 26 points. I went to the game center.I was watching my little brother hit down the sharks.

I was helping by hitting down the sharks on my side. Then my older brother came to get me because it was my turn. So I ran back so I can have my turn.

My first ball I bowled for my turn got a strike. Then I got another turn but this time I got one pin down. Next was my little brother and he has got more points than me.

We finished our first game and we were on our last game of bowling. At the end my mum,my cousin and little sister won.

After that we walked to K.F.C for lunch.