Friday, 12 April 2013

Zombie Town

LI: To use language features to paint a picture in the mind
of the reader and write in paragraphs.

The full moon
shone brightly in the night summer sky, stars twinkled like a million fairy lights which looked like magic.There was a girl named Rose and her hair was blonde with blue streaks and she was tall and thin. Her eyes were like the red and black eclipse.Her teeth were really white and straight cause when she was young she had braces on. She had a little brother who was only 10 and he was also tall and thin and his hair was blonde and his eyes were dark.  Next her little brother named Toby  came out and sat with Rose his sister and the next minute Rose heard some sounds like this “rrrrrrrrr”.Then she got scared and ran inside with her brother and locked everything.After that she ran and woke up her parents and told them about the sound. But her parents thought she was making it up but she said “Look outside the window....” and there they all saw “zombie’s”Just roaming around eating peoples brains and the zombie’s looked very gross cause their skin was cracked and dry. They walked around jerking their arms and legs like puppets on strings. But they were lucky that they locked everything so they were safe or were they safe??? Then they went down stairs walking as quiet as a mouse went and got them some weapons incase something goes wrong.Then suddenly, there was a sound coming from the door and it sounded like this “Thump Thump Thump”.They got scared so their dad went to see what it was and the next thing you know is his head come rolling back with no brain.They started crying and then a zombie came then the little girl named Rose went up to the zombie and stabbed it in the head or else it would stand up again and sneak up and eat their brains  because the zombie killed her dad from that moment on she knew her and her family was not safe at all.

After that they were running to their car and killing the zombie’s so they can drive away cause they knew that place was infested  with zombies as bad as rats in a sewer pipe. Rose promised herself that she would protect her family no matter what it takes.They had been driving for 30 hours but they only stopped when they needed to go to the toilet or if they needed petrol.They kept running away from the bad things that are out there and they weren’t safe anywhere they went.So the journey wasn’t over, they kept running and running for hours, days, weeks! No one knew when it would all come to an end.   

                                            THE END  

My maths screen shot

   L.I To practice my times table